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What Procedures Imported Shall Go Through with CIQ Before and When Importing into China?

Step 1: Obtain Health Permits
Imported finished cosmetics shall obtained health permit(also called Registration Certificate for Imported Cosmetics) from CFDA beforehand.

Step 2: Registration of Domestic Consignee
Domestic consignee that imports cosmetics for the first time shall apply for registration at the CIQ of its business registration place, and submit registration information through CIQ system, and obtain registration qualification as a domestic consignee of imported cosmetics.

The required materials are as follows,
- registration application form filled out with accurate and complete info
- business license, registration certificate of unified social credit code, identification card of legal representative, the registration form for foreign trade dealers, original copy and photocopy.
- enterprise quality safety management system
- organization structure, department functions, and position descriptions
- the cosmetics varieties to be operated, and storage place
- if the consignee undertook importation, process and sales of cosmetics during last two years, relevant statement(indicating cosmetics varieties and quantity) shall be provided

Step 3 CIQ declaration
Consignees of imported cosmetics or their agents shall declare to port CIQ in accordance with relevant regulations, and provide consignee registration number, health permit of imported cosmetics, and labels.
Documents that should be submitted
-declaration of conformity stating that cosmetics conforms to relevant regulations and requirements and will not cause harm to human health in normal use
-product formula
-for cosmetics that the country implements health permit or registration, the health permit or registration certificate issued by CFDA shall be provided.
-for cosmetics that the country does not health permit or registration, below materials shall be provided:
1.Relevant safety evaluation materials on possible existed safety risk substance. And the evaluation materials shall be issued by organizations with relevant qualifications
2. documents certifying that the cosmetics are allowed to produce and sell in country/region of production or certificate of origin
- Chinese labels, original labels and their Chinese translation.
3.Finished cosmetics with non-retail package shall provide product name, quantity, weight, specification, country of origin, batch number, the destination for final packing, name, address and contact info of package plant.  

Step 4 Inspection and Quarantine
After accepting declaration, port CIQ shall conduct inspection and quarantine on imported cosmetics, including document verification, on-field inspection, sample drawing, laboratory test, issue certificate. Local CIQ issues inspection and quarantine certificate for qualified cosmetics and orders the unqualified to do technical modification, to be returned, or to be destroyed respectively based on the unqualified projects.

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