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Shanghai Customs Broker: How to Import and Clear Cosmetics in Shanghai Port?

Import Flow of Cosmetics

1.Shanghai customs agent checks & reviews documents after taking the job. 
2.Start to obtain registration certificate for imported cosmetics.
3.Declare entry when manifest info is available at customs system.
4.Exchange D/O 
5.Pick up shipment from port after entry release and transport it to bonded zone.
6.Import declarations
7.Arrange tax payment
8.Sorting out, Tallying, Labeling in bonded zone warehouse, based on clientí»s requirements 
9.Customs inspections
10.Arrange delivery after customs release.
11.Apply for Inspection & Quarantine Sanitary Certificate for Entry/Exit Goods.

Required Documents for Shanghai Customs Clearance of Imported Cosmetics 

1.Packing list, contract, invoice, sea/air way bill
2.Screenshots of the registration record of shipper and domestic consignee
3.Original labels and their Chinese translation
4.Chinese labels
5.Certificate of origin
6.Registration certificate for imported cosmetics.

Required Documents for Applying Registration Certificate(Our Shanghai team helps clients obtain this certificate) 

1.Application form
2.Chinese name and the naming basis. 
3.Product formula
4.Control requirements for product quality and safety
5.Original packages, including product labels and specifications. Those intend to design packages exclusively for Chinese market, shall provide the designed packages including product labels and specifications
6.Test report and relevant materials issue by testing bodies recognized by China Food and Drug Administration 
7.Safety Assessment Materials(Products may contain substances with safety risk)
8.Authorization Letter for Chinese Applying Company, and photocopy of business license of Chinese Applying Company, with official seal. 
9.Letter of commitment states that raw materials and sources of raw materials meet the prohibited/limited use requirements of high risk substances in/from epidemic area of mad cow disease.
10.Supporting documents showing that products are produced or sold in country/region of manufacturing or country/region of origin
11.Other materials that might help registering.

Time Frame for Customs Clearance in Shanghai For Imported Cosmetics 

1.Exchange D/O after shipment arrival, , 1-2 working days
2.Entry declaration, 1-3 working days
3.Import declarations, 1-3 working days
4.Obtain Inspection & Quarantine Sanitary Certificate for Entry/Exit Goods, 7 working days. 


1.Imported cosmetics are classified to non-special use cosmetics and special use cosmetics . Therein, non-special use cosmetics include hair care products, skin care products, Make-up, Nail supplies, and fragrances. special use cosmetics include products for hair breeding, beauty caring, breast beauty, hair dyeing, Hair Perming, sun blocking, deodorizing, spot removing, skin whitening, and hair removing. 
2.Registration certificate shall be obtained before shipment arrival.
3.Ingredients of imported cosmetics must be consistent with those listed on registration certificate. 
The import procedures for cosmetics are relatively complex, which needs registration certificate, Chinese label, certificate of origin, etc. Lack of professional knowledge and experience, importers easily make mistakes that will cause delay or bring trouble for customs clearance. We are an experience Shanghai customs broker for imported cosmetics and we are able to handle cosmetic import procedures efficiently and quickly for clients. Welcome to send us inquiries. 

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