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How to Import and Clear Biological Reagents in China

Import Flow of biological reagentsú║ 
1, obtain permit for special articles.
2, arrange shipping 
3, declare entry immediately when manifest info is available at customs system.
4, pick up goods and transport to bonded zone when entry declaration is released by customs.
5, make import declarations after goods enters bonded zone warehouse.
6, arrange tax payment after tax bills are issued.
7, customs inspections
9, arrange delivery after customs release.

Required documents for import customs clearance in China for imported biological regent
1, invoice, packing list, sales contract
2, registration certificate for medical devices, explanation letter, certificate of analysis, risk assessment report(when the subject biological reagents are special articles)
3, statement for entry non special articles(when the subject biological reagents are not special articles)
4, sea waybill or airway bill
5, declaration elements 

Import Operation Time Frame for Imported biological Regent
1, entry filing, one working day
2, entry declaration, 1-3 working days
3, import declarations, 1-3 working days
4, obtain permit for special articles, around 5 working days. 

Permit for Special Articles
To normalize the supervision and management of sanitary quarantine on exit/entry special goods, and to prevent infectious diseases from transmitting in/out, and to protect human health, permit for special articles shall be obtained for entry/exit special articles like microorganism, human tissues,  biological product, blood and blood products, etc. Biological reagents in China shall be rated by AQSIQ. Those below B shall provide registration certificate for medical devices, explanation letter, certificate of analysis, while those above A shall add risk assessment report. Those non special articles shall provide Statement for Entry/Exit Non Special Articles. 

Biological reagents have high requirements for transportation and storage. Normally, the temperature during transportation and storage for biological reagents shall be controlled between 2-8 íŠ, and duration from overseas factory of domestic hospitals or organizations shall be strictly controlled, as short as possible, because of the short shelf life of biological reagents.  Our company has advance cold chain management in both transportation and warehouse, which can meet the mentioned requirements.  

With a professional China customs clearance services platform, we are able to prepare materials for registration purpose and documents for declarations quickly, which can liberate clients from heavy paperwork and avoid man-made mistakes. We are help clients obtain required certificates certificate efficiently and handle the relevant procedures fast. Meanwhile, we can guarantee customs clearance speed. We provide on-stop Customs Clearing Agent in Shanghai for imported biological reagents. Welcome to send us inquiry. 

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