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Shanghai Customs Broker: Types of Cosmetics and the Required Documents for Import in to China

In accordance with Regulations on Health Supervision for Cosmetics, cosmetics are classified to special used cosmetics and non special used cosmetics.

How to distinguish special used cosmetics from non special used cosmetics?
ó┘Pure skin lotion, and skin care products that are  acne removing, wrinkle removing and antioxidant are now all non special used cosmetics
ó┌Cosmetics that are hair-nurturing, hair-dyeing, hair-removing, breast-beauty, body building, deodorant, spot removing, and sun screening are classified as special used. 

In term of procedures, what is the difference between special used cosmetics and non special used cosmetics?
ó┘The registration certificate for special used cosmetics shall be applied at and obtained from Food and Drug Administration in Beijing.
ó┌The registration certificate for non special used cosmetics can be applied at and obtained from Local Food and Drug Administration.

The HS code/tariff code for Cosmetics
HS code/tariff code: HS code/tariff code
Value added tax: 13%
Import duty: 1%(note: some types of cosmetics have import duty like 5%)
Consumption tax: some types of cosmetics are taxed this type of tax. 

What documents are required for import customs clearance in China for cosmetics.
From exporter 
1.production date certificate, photos of original labels
2.Certificate of origin
3.Ingredient list/Formula
4.Brand Authorization Letter
5.packing list, sales contract, and invoice
6.Seaway bill or air waybill 

From Importer
1.Photocopy or scan copy of business license
2.Chinese translation of the original labels

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