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How to Import Birdnest to China? Key Points about Customs Clearance in China for Imported Birdnest

Qualifications of Exporting Countries and Enterprises 

Only birdnest and birdnest products produced by specific enterprises in specific countries are allowed to import into China. As below are the detailed list.  

Raw Unclean Edible Birdnest produced by enterprises whose registration numbers at China customs are 41F011, A0F004,  and A4F001( (Hereunder we just indicate China customs registration codes of the competent enterprises) ). Therein, A0F004,  and A4F001 can only export raw unclean edible birnest that produced since May 21, 2021.

Edible Birdnest manufactured by enterprises A3A002, A0A002, 27A001, A4A001, 72A002, A0A003, A3A001, 60A001, D1A001, A3A003, 14A001, 17A001, 18A001, A6A001, D1A002, 41A033, C2A002, D8A001, 11A003, A0A004, 89A001, 71A001, 28A001, D6A007, 14A003, 11A002, 12A005, A1A009, A2A003, D1A021, 41A001, A0A005, 72A003, 34A000, D2A002, 89A002. Therein, enterprises A0A002, 34A000, 34A000, D2A002, and 89A002 can only export edible birdnest that produced since May 21, 2021.

Birdnest products 
Bottled birdnest beverage produced by enterprise  A3A004. 
Instant birdnest manufactured by 85A001 since May 21, 2021. 

Edible birdnest produced by enterprises EST.285, EST.301.

Edible birdnest by enterprises 001, 002, 005, 004, 006, 008, 014, 018, 009, 011, 027, 029, 023, 028. Therein, 027, 029 has resumed the qualifications to export edible birdnest produced since Sep 29, 2021 to China. 

Birdnest products(except instant birdnest) by 015, 016, 019, 021, 022, 024, 025, 026, 020. Therein, China customs has temporarily ceased accepting the import declarations of 024s and 025s birdnest products departed since July 26, 2021, and has temporarily stopped accepting the import declarations of 026s birdnest products departed since Aug 03, 2021.  

All above mentioned edible birdnest and birdnest products shall meet China national standards and requirements. 

Qualifications of Importers in China 
1.Shall be a legally registered company in Chinese mainland.
2.Shall hold import & export right
3.Shall hold food circulation permit 
4.Shall be registered at China customs as a food importer
5.Shall obtain Inspection & Quarantine Permit for the birdnest and birdnest products to be imported from the port of loading customs of China. 

Required documents for Customs Clearance in China
From shipper/exporter: Export Permit, certificate of origin, certificate of free sales/health certificate, veterinary certificate, sales contract, invoice, packing list, package photos
From consignee/importer: business license, Inspection & Quarantine Permit

Import taxes of birdnest, 
Import duty: 25%. Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are all ASEAN countries. With Form E certificate of origin, birdnest from these countries can enjoy duty free.
Value added tax: 13%.

As a professional customs broker in China, We have rich experience in handling China import customs clearance of birdnest and birdnest products in China, Guangzhou airport and Shanghai airport in particular. Welcome to contact us if you have any question about getting birdnest and birdnest products imported into China. 

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