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Beijing Airport Customs Brokerí»s Note: A Stuck DHL Containing 50 Pieces of Soaps.

We are a China customs broker since 1997 or imported goods shipped by sea, by air and by courier services like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS, SF, etc. Our customs agency services for stuck courier parcels/packages are available at Shanghai airport, Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Beijing airport and Chengdu airport.  We are experienced, professional and efficient in clearing stuck parcels/package. Our clients in this fields are not only individuals but also enterprises not a few of which we have long term cooperation with. Since establishment, we have helped clear thousands of parcels. But still, there still some parcels/packages that are not possible to clear for various reasons. We will share cases of this type to illustrate why they can not be cleared and hope it can do some help for people who plan to send parcels/package to Chinese mainland. As below is a most recent case. 

On Sep.30, 2021, A client added me on wechat and told me that he had a parcel stuck at Beijing airport. The parcel was sent from UAE, containing a set of cream hair-care products(1x moisturizing curl activator cream, 1x coconut curing cream, 1x leave in conditioning repair cream - see pictured), and bottle of beauty lotion, and most importantly (and sadly) 50 pieces of whitening soaps. He had a friend in UAE who sold these things, and he bought from him. As the transportation fee from UAE to China was very expensive, he decided to buy 50 pieces of soaps to make the transportation fee seem a bit cost effective. He never thought that China customs have their own regulations for the quantity and value of personal items. 50 pieces of soap had far exceeded the reasonable quality for personal use. When to clear the parcel as personal items is not possible, the alternative is to clear it as company goods. But there was one issue. Hair-care products, beauty lotion and whitening soaps are cosmetic products, and one of the key documents to clear  cosmetic products is registration certificate for imported cosmetics issued by CFDA. Unfortunately, It is not possible for individuals who purchase cosmetics for personal use to provide this certificate. This client was not an exception. In this case, he had to options. 1 get the parcel returned. But the transportation fee is more expensive than the value of the containing goods. 2 get up the parcel. He chose option 2 in the end. 

Lesson learned: when ship parcels with personal use items, control the quantity to be reasonable for personal use. And when send goods to Chinese mainland, better consult with a China customs broker who is familiar with China customsí» regulation to avoid customs clearance issues in China. If you have stuck DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/SF parcels/package, please feel free to contact us. 

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