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Some Notes for Handling the China Import Customs Clearance of Piper Longum

Guangzhou customs declaration sheet for Piper Longum
Piper Longum is not only a food, but also a medicine. It can dissipate cold from human body , promote QI  circulation and relieve pain. The ear of piper longlum, pungent and hot-natured, is an important medicine for curing pain and strengthening stomach. It is widely applied in treating the abdominal pain caused by stomach cold,vomiting, diarrhoea, angina pectoris, nervous headache and toothache. Piper Longum is mainly distributed in Indonesia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Malaysia. 

 Piper Longum
Seahog Logistics recently helped a client import and clear a batch of Piper Longum at Nanhai port, Foshan, Guangdong province China. The piper longgum, originated in Indonesia, totally 14,000 kg, was used to produce seasoning. As pictured, we share the relevant China customs declaration sheet and the product. 

Based on the case, we would like to share some notes for handling the import customs clearance for Piper Longum

1.The registration of the agricultural products importer and exporter shall be completed in advance. 

2.The paperwork for customs clearance in China shall be sent to the China customs broker for review to make sure all is correct and to avoid troubles during clearance in China.

3.Chinese label shall be put on the package before shipping to China 

4.Like food products, it can not be sold or used until the inspection and quarantine certificate for entry goods is issued by China customs. 

Seahog has rich experience in handling importation of products that are both food and medicine. We can help clients check if certain products can be imported into China or not, check the paperwork, obtain import permit, and handle the customs clearance quickly. Welcome to send us inquiries.