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How to Get Cultivation Medium Imported to China£¿The Flow and The Notes

cottonseed hull
What is Cultivation Medium? 
Cultivation medium is the joint name for materials that are used to support the growth of plants. In traditional flower and seedling planting industry, soil is the main cultivation medium. But the application of soil is hard to satisfy the growth needs of flowers and seedlings. In this case, other cultivation media are used to support their growth. 
peat soil
In accordance with Quarantine Methods for Entry Cultivation Media, cultivation media are media(not include soil) that consist of one of several artificial or natural solid substances that have a good permeability and can store nutrients, keep water and fix plants. The common cultivation media include peat soil, coconut residuum, roseite, cottonseed hull and perlite. 
coconut residuum
Import Flow and Important Notes 
1.China's General Administration of Customs (Hereinafter referred as CGAC) carry out access administration on imported cultivation media. Before getting cultivation media imported into China, the importer or their China custom broker shall check if the foreign manufacturers are in the Foreign Supplier List of Imported Organic Cultivation Media (Hereinafter referred as the List) published by Department of Animal and Plant Quarantine of CGAC. If not in the list, the foreign manufacturer or the importer in China shall apply for filing at the regional customs that whose jurisdiction covers the location of the import enterprise.
The Application Materials 
- The photocopy of the official registration document of the manufacturer. 
- The detailed description of the cultivation medium, including ingredient, processing flow and measures against pests and soil infection. Please note that if involved with high temperature/high pressure processing steps, the relevant processing data shall be presented with accurate details.
3 The quality inspection certificate and the document that shows the official inspection implementation of the exporting country or region.
4 The package and label. The label shall contain product name, production date, country/region of origin, packing specification, text description and product picture.
The applicant or their agent submit paper or electronic materials to regional customs which will carry out the risk assessment based on the submitted materials, and will send the assessment result and the submitted materials to CGAC for approval. Department of Animal and Plant Quarantine of CGAC will announce the result at their website. 

Risk Classification Management
Regional Customs determine the risk level of the imported cultivation medium based on the variety, product attribute, degree of processing,and sanitary management status and further decide whether quarantine permit and plant quarantine certificate is needed and the follow-up supervision measures.    

Inspection and Quarantine 
Before applying entry quarantine permit for cultivation medium, there is no need to do sample test at customs. If quarantine permit is required, it shall be obtained before shipment arrival. When entering China, official quarantine certificate issued by the exporting country or region and sales contract and invoice shall be provided to the entry port customs. 

Other important notes
1.The exporting country or region of cultivation media shall not have serious plant epidemic
2.The cultivation media must be newly synthetic or processed. From production finished to arriving at our country, it shall not exceed four months during which the cultivation shall not be used.
3.Entry cultivation media shall not come with any soil.