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How to Handle China Import Customs Clearance Procedures for Peat Soil£¿

In some low plains which deposit from rivers and lakes and maintain valleys where water exists for long time aquatic vegetation is dense, lot of plant residues which are not sufficiently decomposed accumulate and form peat horizon. The soil contained in the peat horizon is called peat soil.

Peatland is classified to sphagnum peatland and marsh peatland which distinguished by the conditions of formation. Peatland is grayed soil with peat horizon whose thickness not less than 50cm and is mainland distributed in low lying areas of cold wet regions. The earth surface is 20-30cm grass-root layer below which is peat soil layer and mineral grey layer. Sometimes, there is humus transition layer. 

The China customs declaration flow for peat soil

1.Check if the manufacturer is in the foreign Supplier List of Imported Organic Cultivation Medium as announced by China customs. peat soil produced by companied which is not in the mentioned list are not allowed to export to China.
2.The processing/storage places after importation shall be registered at China customs so as to carry on regular risk control.
3.Prepare goods and required documents (phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, sales contract, invoice, packing list etc)
4.Send the documents to the China customs broker for review
5.Arrange shipping to China
6.Declare to China customs 
7.Arrange tax payment when tax bills issued
8.Customs inspection¡¯
9.Customs release 

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