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Shanghai PVG Airport Import Customs Agency Services for Mica Plates

imported mica plates from Zimbabwe
Mica plates mainly consist of phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile and might contain albite, zoisite and chloritoid. Garnet is rich with Fe and Mg, while the Si in phengite can reach 3.369, which make mica plates insulated, thermal resistant and a very good black body. 
imported mica plates from Zimbabwe

Seahog Logistics Shanghai customs agency team helped declare and clear a shipment with 1200KG mica plates at Shanghai Pudong Airport. The mica plates were originated in and shipped from Zimbabwe, and arrived at Shanghai PVG airport on Dec 19, 2023. Seahog initiated the declarations on Dec 20, 2023 and completed all clearance procedures on the same day. The client, a company based in Pudong, Shanghai, was very satisfied with Seahog Shanghais services. We share some pictures of mica plates and the relevant China customs declaration sheet here. 

Some notes for the import customs clearance in China for imported minerals(including mica plates):

China customs declaration sheet for imported mica plates
1.Most imported minerals shall accept the radioactivity test executed by the laboratory of China customs.  The radioactivery will by carried on every container with minerals, and 30% will be tested from the minerals shipped by sea LCL or by air. 
2.Seahog Logistics, as a very experienced China customs agency company, suggests that the packing list, invoice, certificate of origin and test report of the minerals shall be prepared by the shipper and be reviewed by the China customs broker before shipment arrival.